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Culinary delights –
Gault Millau Rated NATURAL CUISINE

We give our stars for your smile.


Restaurant Guarda Val

Our cuisine and original cowshed restaurant are the recipients of high praise by the Michelin Guide and GaultMillau, but all of that means little to us next to the smile on your face when you enjoy our food.

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Many of the dishes on the menu may seem familiar to you, but they possess an authentic flavour that can only be found in our restaurant.


Get-togethers in Crap Naros

The cooking remains the same as that recorded in the old farmers’ almanacs: local dishes and cheese specialities.

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Salvatore Frequente

Growing up in Sicily, surrounded by water and right next to Mount Etna, Europe's mountain of fire, I was influenced by the cuisine of the four basic elements from an early age.

Now the seasonal raw products from the air and the earth around the Maiensäss are just waiting to be properly staged in my fresh cuisine.

Just in time for the start of the season, I am pleased to present my new Guarda Val menu "Salvatore's classics & heartfelt dishes". 


Ihre Ansprechperson

Our Maiensäss cuisine in an uncomplicated ambience transforms guests into friends.


Sporzer Bar

Wonderful things are waiting for you here. In the Sporzer Bar, you can relax with your favourite drink in front of the large fireplace, in the panoramic room or outside on the terrace with an incomparable view of the valley.

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Let your thoughts drift away into the distance.


Our sun terraces

After a hike through unspoilt nature, the fountain on the Sul Tegt sun terrace welcomes you with its crystal-clear water. Afterwards, you can relax on Asian-style loungers and enjoy the unparalleled panoramic view.

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Michelin-starred natural cuisine.


Nicola Sassone, Food & Beverages Manager Restaurant Guarda Val


Ihre Ansprechperson

Coming soon:
wild cuisine in Restaurant Fö

Adventurous, authentic and yet luxurious – all this awaits you when you sit down to enjoy the sophisticated natural cuisine of our outdoor restaurant, where the cooking is done over an open fire.

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Sporz ‒ OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR
Sporz ‒ OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR