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Guarda Val

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Your health comes first.

Your health and the health of our employees is our utmost priority. That’s why we have made every effort to ensure that everyone who comes to our Alpine refuge enjoys a carefree and safe stay.

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Our Take Away specials.

Our restaurants are currently closed for external guests until 22 February 2021. We have therefore extended our take-away offer and look forward to bringing a smile to your face.

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Imagine you are floating through space and happen upon the earth. You marvel at this glowing blue sphere adrift in an endless sea of black. You sense how its elemental power transcends every boundary and feel a deep connection with everything around you. To have this unique experience, you don’t need to fly to space. Just come to Sporz and immerse yourself in the GUARDA VAL. LIMITLESS.

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Maiensäss hotel

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Here, nothing stands between you and nature.

Let your thoughts drift away into the distance.

The PaarCours.

Sky and Stars

Balance your way to bliss.

You let yourself be blindfolded and led along, you balance on a beam, you let things go and leave things behind on a bridge, and you whisper sweet nothings under a tree. On our PaarCours, couples can intensify their trust in each other and grow closer together in a playful manner at eight stations. The peace and quiet of nature and the vastness of the mountains surround you in a place where you finally have time for elementary things: falling in love again.

From CHF 1,298.00 for two nights

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You become part of the wider universe, with everything filling you with awe and allowing you to sense a boundless connection to it all.

Sporz ‒ OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR
Sporz ‒ OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR