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Our hiking hotel in Switzerland


Consciously enjoy the moment.

With our LIMITLESS packages you will enjoy your stay in Guarda Val even more. Breathe deeply for four days in unspoilt nature around our Maiensäss Hotel and refresh your senses and soul.

You also have the option of putting together your own package.

Our packages

Off to the hiking hotel in Switzerland

The Maiensässhotel Guarda Val is a popular destination for hiking in Switzerland. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hiker, from here you can enjoy wonderful panoramic hikes through the alpine mountains. You can find the most beautiful tours here, or you can ask our team for an individual route.


Locations for unforgettable moments.

We know the quiet corners, the flow trails, the incredible lookout points, the cool, refreshing places to rest, the enchanted trees under which to linger, the lonely rims and barren peaks, the surprising clearings in the forest, the crystal-clear lakes and the places where the final rays of sunshine will gently caress your cheeks.

Nothing is staged, everything is as it has always been: extraordinary by nature.



Urska Hajnsek, host

«I open the doors to our guests for the wonderful that surrounds them.»


Ihre Ansprechperson

Our Sporz hospitality.

As pure as the experience you have living, eating, drinking and encountering the natural world with us, that’s really how we are. We are certainly not always perfect, but always authentic. It’s also a matter of course for us to try to fulfil your wishes, to meet you at eye level, to address you personally and to know who you are. And that’s true of all of us – from the receptionist to the cook to the cleaner – because everyone contributes equally to your experience with us.

A sense of connection with Sporz.

Sporz is the home of our Maiensäss hotel Guarda Val, a hotel that is not a hotel as you might know it. It consists of 11 mountain lodges, up to 300 years old, nestled in beautiful Alpine nature.

Would you like to experience something unique?


Ihre Ansprechperson

Here, you reside in dwellings spread out over an entire hamlet and inevitably become part of Sporz and its natural world.


More time to marvel.

The feeling of amazement activates the brain’s limbic system, which helps to release the feel-good hormone dopamine and supports your feeling of being one with the universe. That’s why we want to surprise you and enhance your well-being with things like the wonderment room, the PaarCours for couples, our just-come-along tours and, in particular, our attention to the smallest details.

Amazement promotes your health and simply makes you feel better on a lasting basis.

Just-come-along tours.

Several times a week, we take off together as a group and take you along with us if you want. We master the ring of fire, discover cheese, sample wine, learn about gin, ride horses, milk cows or simply walk the dog. We jump into the ice-cold mountain lake, follow herbal paths, pick mushrooms, fish or go hunting together.

Nothing is perfect, but it’s always wholeheartedly authentic and honest.


The sky over Sporz through a telescope.

A glance through a telescope at the star-filled sky over Sporz will open new horizons for you. You have never been so close to the moon, and you have never seen the Pole Star so radiant. Experience cosmic phenomena that are light years away. You become part of the wider universe, with everything filling you with awe and allowing you to sense a boundless connection to it all.

The Lenzerheide region.

The Lenzerheide holiday region extends an invitation to take part in carefree recreation – whether in summer or winter, whether you are looking for action or are more of a bon vivant. The high valley in the heart of Graubünden will surprise you again and again with its sunny and versatile landscape. Take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unspoilt nature of the Swiss Alps.

Sporz ‒ OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR
Sporz ‒ OPEN 365 DAYS A YEAR